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ISO 18001 Certification

18001:2015 (OHSAS) Occupational Health and Safety

The 18001:2015 is a global customary for activity health and safety management system, to push a secure and healthy operating setting. Provides a framework that enables a corporation to incessantly establish and manage the health and safety risks, scale back the potential for accidents, aid legislative compliance and improve overall performance, to confirm the health and safety of workers in organization premise. This management system could be a systematic and method-driven approach that if followed properly ought to assist the organization to repeatedly up its health and safety performance at work.

This standard helps in controlling, measuring and monitoring risks that can arise from the organization’s daily base activities. It effectively and efficiently safeguards the health and welfare of your workforce.

Benefits of ISO 18001:2015

  • Depletion in lost working days
  • Create the best working environment in an organization
  • Discover hazards and put in place controls to manage them
  • Manages health and safety risks
  • Reduce workplace accidents and medical claims
  • Reduces liability and risks
  • Monitoring performance
  • Drive staff with better and safer working conditions
  • Increase productivity and customer service
  • Explain compliance to customers and suppliers
  • Convey your commitment to health and safety
  • Gain new clients
  • Reduces legal costs
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