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Our objective is to give your company identification and develop international standards by continual improvement in quality. We have catered to many organizations by guiding them in deciding that which standard will fit their organizational need the most to meet the global competition. We understand and support organizations to improve their efficiency and profitability of your operation through our complete list of certification standards and services.

Elite Certification, also allows you to get easier access to the European market, by providing CE marking certification as a quality mark for your product so that it meets all the CE mark requirements. Offer the most effective and safe methods for the welfare of your organization, by indicating that the product has met the maximum level of quality, health and safety measures under European Directives. Our strength as a third party assessment group is our ability to work with individual companies to audit in addition, certify straight forward quality systems that are tailored to their specific operation while meeting the requirements of the quality standards.



Our Vision

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Our Mission

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